Best Strategies to Boost Your Winter Immunity

Do not allow the Winter cold and influenza season get the best of you this season! Try out a few of our healthful goodness tips under to prevent any nasty illness symptoms, stay energised and lively in the inside out…

Vitamin C is a Wonderful nutritional supplement That Has many important roles in the body such as;

Vitamin C enhances the functioning of immune cells and consequently may help Decrease the length of colds. Boost your vitamin C consumption with excellent ingredients like Organic Baobab Powder, Incaberries and Finger Lime Powder, in addition to other fresh foods such as citrus fruits, kiwi fruits, and red capsicum, parsley, melons, broccoli & berries!

Do Not Hold Back on the Garlic & Ginger!
The two Beef and Ginger not just add great flavour to any dish but also have powerful antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties! This makes them excellent agents in fighting off some of these nasty bugs which might attempt to invade in the winter season! Fresh chilli also comprises ‘capsaicin, ” a material which may help break up sinus and nasal congestion.
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Do not overlook Stay Hydrated
Though a glass of plain water may be the last thing that you feel just like on a Cold winter day, it may often be the ideal thing. Your body needs a Lot of fluids to rehydrate your dry skin and membranes (particularly when sitting in ventilated offices)

During a cold or influenza, increase your water consumption to approximately ten glasses

Herbal teas not just heat up you from the interior, but a number of them contain many nutrients that help to enhance your immunity!

Manuka Honey is Well-known for its antibacterial and curative properties (methylglyoxal, Is the naturally occurring antibacterial chemical in Manuka). It may be used to provide relief to a selection of cold and influenza symptoms, and may also be applied topically to skin care ailments. Use and appreciate Manuka honey as you want regular honey. More Information Here.

Get People Soups Going!
Soups are a Great way to create a heating and nutrient dense dish, Turn in your toaster in the afternoon; toss in as many colourful veggies as you can, and your immune boosting herbs and spices, to make the ideal winters night meal. Plus you can freeze the left over’s for lunches during the week, simple!

Olive leaf extract is your liquid harvested from new olive leaves, which Includes a Selection of potent antioxidants (in Specific, oleuropein) also is a rich source of iron, magnesium and vitamin c. It’s traditionally been used to help alleviate symptoms of colds and flu. The abundant nutrient profile of olive oil extract makes it a great help in boosting the body’s immune system and general wellness.

A lot of people spend the majority of the winter feeling lethargic and tired. But, taking a daily walk or maintaining a Wholesome exercise regime, Can help improve your energy levels and your immune system, to assist you Fight any infections!

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